Happy Engagement Yulie & Azmi =)

HAPPY ENGAGEMENT YULIE & AZMI biscuit choc ordered from yulie.. bestie roommate time kolej dulu.. ok yang ni belah perempuan utk lelaki… yang bawah pula belah lelaki utk perempuan… =)

Choc Love Box size L with praline … new mould from chumie’s choco =) thanks to Azmi kerna merasmikan choc box size L ni.. πŸ˜‰

babe n dude thank you very much utk ni. Veryy glad dapat buatkan kalian punye hantaran!! Thank you for ur support. Moge ke jinjang pelamin n seterusnye ke akhir hayat. U guys rowkk ! ;D

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2 Responses to Happy Engagement Yulie & Azmi =)

  1. yewlie says:

    beb,thnk u so much..realy appreciate it…btw,gud luck 4 ur studies…wish me luck..jd wife yg solehah:)

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