Tetangss babe !

12 pcs praline with nuts inside ordered from bell n ajak ! nak bagi as birthday gift n for special one ;]  Please click on image to enlarge .


bell's 😉 purple more. .


ajak's.. 😉 jak, kim slm gf ya ;p

Yeayy alhamdulillah they olss satisfied with it! 🙂

Babe n dude, tenkiukk !!  next2 ordar lagi yah  😉


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2 Responses to Tetangss babe !

  1. ajak says:

    dier trus ajak kawin slps mkn coklat buatan ko… coklat ko sedap halal bersih dan yg penting buatannye teliti dan cantik. amacam, melambong2 kn ak puji…. munkin bole dpt sdikit diskaun pasni…

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